Can you imagine not being able to provide food for your children?

We often take for granted driving to the grocery story to buy fruit, bread, cereal and basic food staples for our families. But in a tiny, remote village in Northern India, a loving 23-year-old mom lies awake at night, restless and worried. Soon her three young boys will wake up and look to her for food to satisfy their growling bellies. But she feels helpless and hopeless. Sushma knows there is nothing to feed them and no way to provide.

Food and supplies are scarce.

Sushma’s husband had just returned home from the city, with no money and little hope. He was one of millions of migrant workers who found themselves out of work. When the government imposed the mandatory lockdown of its 1.3 billion people amid the country’s COVID-19 crisis, millions of men lost their jobs. The harsh reality became apparent…how would they be able to feed their family?

Schools provide answers.

Then Sushma heard about food distribution at the school where her oldest son attends. The family walked together to the school and were warmly greeted by the teachers, principal and community healthcare workers who were handing out food packets of wheat, rice, beans, oil and spices. Our schools have always been a vital part of their communities, where children feel encouraged and loved, AND they still are. Schools continue to be places of help and hope, where families are comforted and cared for.

You can feed a family.

For only $30, you can help moms, like Sushma, sleep a little more soundly at night knowing their sons and daughters will have food to eat when they wake up each morning.

Because this is DFN. This is you.




Stories are real, all names and photos have been changed for protection, and are representative.