Summer: The season for vacations, family reunions, camping trips, beach days, picnics, and baseball.

The pace of life seems different this time of year. In Idaho where I live, the evenings are long. It doesn’t get dark until after 10:00 pm, so there’s lots of time for all the outdoor recreation (or yard work!) you could ever want. My favorite days are the ones when three little boys (my grandsons!) show up at my door looking for a popsicle. Sometimes their parents even tag along and we sit on the back patio chatting while the boys play with the neighbor’s children. These are moments to cherish. 

Something else happens about this time of year. Parents get anxious for kids to be back in school, the warm days of June turn to hot days in July and August, and lawns get parched – at least here in Idaho. I call this the summer slump. 

Slumps happen to everyone, and they can even happen to organizations like DFN. Summer is a slower time and charitable giving tends to dip this season. In 2024, although giving is up across our sector, it is not keeping pace with inflation. We’ve all felt the pinch of higher prices at the pump and in the grocery store. This affects DFN as an organization, too! Yet the needs in India are greater than ever, and we stand ready to meet those needs.

I’m so grateful for our faithful givers. You’re the ones who change lives with your generosity. Thank you! 

I don’t usually ask for this, but would you consider an extra gift to help DFN meet the challenge of rising costs? Your extra gift this month would help us avoid a summer slump. I’d be so grateful.