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A Free Woman - Trafficking Prevention


Unfortunately, children and women all over the world lack strong support systems and financial security. This makes them vulnerable to all forms of exploitation, including sexual exploitation.

Children in these difficult situations often quit school or do not attend at all. Desperation forces them to beg in the streets or sort through trash for something to eat. Young boys and girls might be coerced into becoming house servants or picking vegetables under the hot sun. Without intervention, there is little hope of escape from these desperate circumstances.

But there is hope. We know how to prevent this kind of exploitation. We also know how to provide vulnerable women and children with safety, counselling, education, and skills training. Together, we can promise a future filled with hope, dignity, and freedom. This is the work of DFN.


You provide refuge and empowerment to girls and women vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. You give girls and their families the education and/or skills training they need to become economically self-reliant and equipped to build a bright future for themselves. You also support holistic programs such as counseling, healthcare, and legal support.
You make sure children can grow up safe and sound by giving families the resources they need to thrive through comprehensive initiatives aimed at changing risk factors inside communities. Our teams live and work in the communities they serve. They are committed to driving change and you enable them to walk alongside the most vulnerable in our world, offering whole care for the whole community.


Joining Promise is the very best way to provide community care because it provides initiatives that lift vulnerable children, women, and men out of poverty. Members of Promise provide opportunities such as education and skills training bring that break the chains of injustice and discrimination.  This is whole care for the whole community.

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Early Marriage Preventions, Since 2020

You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down: Nira’s Fight for Freedom

Born into a family of all sisters, Nira’s parents dedicated her to a life of ritualized prostitution, believing the gods and goddesses would bless them for their sacrifice to them. After dedication, enslaved girls live in their family’s village home where they are used for sex by anyone in the village. It’s sexual slavery and it’s horrific.



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