You’re already changing lives forever, providing whole care for whole communities. Promise in a Box is an opportunity for you to share your mission in a simple and non-threatening way in your very own circle of influence.
You’ll host a Promise table at your church, in your small group, with friends in your home, your office, or even your local street fair. Wherever people gather, you can share your vital mission of protecting vulnerable children, women, & families.
When you share about the work you do through DFN, you’ll invite people to join Promise. You’ll help them understand that their monthly commitment protects and empowers families, reclaims the God-given dignity of those affected by injustice, and restores freedom and opportunity for those many try to ignore.

What’s Expected of Me to Host a Promise in a Box Event?

1. Pick a Date to Host. If you’re hosting at your church, you’ll need to work with your church leader to arrange the time and space.
2. Follow the Directions in the Promise Toolkit we’ll send to you. Everything you need to know and every resource you need are provided. 
3. Host your table with a smile! You only need to provide a table and a warm smile! Your passion for the work you do in India will ignite a spark in others to join.

What will DFN provide?

– A personal donor representative to walk with you every step of the way.
– A toolkit with all your supplies, a well-crafted timeline to follow, and a few extra goodies just for you.
– A commitment to your friends: to steward them, treat them with respect, and warmly welcome them into the mission you’re committed to – whole care for the whole community.
Because every life matters!