How Your Clinic Provides Hope and Healing

Kanoni is an energetic five-year-old girl who loves learning, playing and spending time with her family. You wouldn’t know it now, but a few months ago, she was experiencing extreme pain from an infection. She had developed a heat boil on her chest that could cause severe health issues to her little body if left untreated.

As you can imagine, her parents were desperate for answers on how to help their young daughter. They were day laborers and due to India’s lockdown had little income in which to meet their basic needs, let alone seek medical treatment. That’s when a neighbor told Kanoni’s dad that even though the pandemic had shut down the schools for on-site education, they were still open to provide local families with medical care.

Urgently, her dad brought Kanoni to her school where they were greeted by a caring community healthcare worker named Ruth. She gently and expertly cleaned and dressed Kanoni’s open wound. For ten days, dad and daughter made their way to the school for treatment. Seeing doctors, getting shots and changing bandages are scary for a five year old, but since the clinic was at her school, she was surrounded by faces she trusted.

With your help we plan on treating more than one million adults and children, like Kanoni, in the next twelve months. With expanding healthcare programs, we will be able to deploy doctors, nurses and community health workers to the most needy areas in India.You are providing health screenings, medicines, immunizations, thermometers and other essential supplies crucial to opening hundreds of new clinics.

Are you ready to radically impact the lives of one million people?

Become a healthcare hero today, and you will!

Stories are real, all names and photos have been changed for protection, and are representative.