We love to say YES to children.

Yes, you may have a bowl of ice cream in winter.
Yes, you may go play in the snow until your toes are frozen and you can’t feel your fingers.
Yes, you can build a cozy fort in the living room to read in.
Yes, you may have fun at school today.
Yes, you may sleep until noon.
And Yes, your future is bright.

But sometimes, the best YES is a firm NO.

No, you may not have a bag of Oreos for breakfast.
No, you can’t play in the snow without your shoes on.
No, you can’t stay up until midnight on Monday to play Fortnight with Zach.
No, do not take candy from a stranger at the park.

As a faithful supporter of children in India, this is what you do. Like a parent, you say YES as often as possible, but you also say NO when they need you to protect all the potential in their young lives.

You say YES to a top-quality education. That yes includes teachers who care about the whole child, their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Your YES to education also provides clean water and classrooms equipped with computers, microscopes, and chess boards. Your YES to education opens doors of opportunity and promises a bright future for all who enter.

You say YES to feeding hungry families. Your YES to more than 21,000 families a month ensures the nutritional needs of growing bodies and brains. Your YES gives peace to moms and dads who desperately don’t want their children to go one more day without food.

You say YES to healing the sick, regardless of skin color or economic status. In this last year, you, Faithful Friend, opened 20 more clinics in India, saying YES to accessible and affordable medicine for 90 remote villages and slums.

Your YES opens doors for students to become nurses, complete medical school, and begin law degrees. That’s a YES that changes the trajectory for generations to come.

In fact, every donation you make and prayer you pray tells the children of India, YES! You most certainly can have a fabulous day and a meaningful life.

But you’ve also shouted a resounding NO.

  • You’ve said NO to traffickers who try to steal a young girl’s life. Education keeps her safe.
  • You’ve said NO to 35-year-old men who want to marry 15-year-old girls, telling the girls and their families that she is worth fighting for.
  • You’ve said NO to hunger and homelessness, ensuring that vulnerable families have full bellies and safe shelter.
  • And with every gift, you’ve said NO to poverty, injustice, and heartache.

This is what makes DFN donors the best around.

You understand the need to create safe spaces for children to grow up and become all that God intends for them to be. And you understand that with that yes, comes a roaring no to the evil that will try to steal their innocent lives.

So as we do every February, we thank you, Faithful Donor. We thank you for saying yes to bright futures and big opportunities. You’re giving the very best YES you can give the children and families you serve.


On January 29, you sent a loud YES to 133 girls and a roaring NO to traffickers who will try to steal their lives. You can get there first for another young girl for just $22. There are thousands of girls who are still waiting for your best YES to GET THERE FIRST before evil traffickers.