This is Mr. Tajdar. He’s a 60-year-old, physically disabled grandpa, who recently became the sole provider for all four of his grandchildren. Just two months ago, his son died in a work accident. Overwhelmed by her circumstances, Mom fled, leaving the grandparents to raise them.

Mr. Tajdar had a good job. However, since the coronavirus lockdown, he has been unable to find employment. The northern state he lives in is a very remote tribal area with extreme poverty and one of the lowest literacy rates in India. Mr. Tajdar’s village is one of the roughest villages in that state.

Despite these challenges, Mr. Tajdar didn’t give up on caring for his family. He looked every day for a way to earn a few rupees so his family could eat. But it wasn’t enough.

When a nurse from our clinic visited his home for a welfare check, Mr. Tajdar discovered food was available at our nearby food distribution site. He quickly followed her and received a month’s worth of rice, wheat, and beans to feed those hungry bellies. That’s more food than the family had seen in 60 days!

Full of joy and thanksgiving, the family ate in peace that afternoon. Now Grandpa knows he is not alone. There is a village of health workers ready to lend a hand.

In India, when tragedy strikes, families often turn away their own family. Mr. Tajdar never even considered turning away his grandkids.

And that makes him one of our favorite heroes.

For just $30, you can feed Grandpa Tajdar’s family for an entire month. That’s just $1/day.




Stories are real, all names and photos have been changed for protection, and are representative.